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Tools we use

We focus on a small range of solutions.

We specialise. Tools are only as good as how you use them. Having used the same tools for many years and in such different scenarios we can leverage these skills to help you solve your some of your business problems in the best way possible.

Microsoft Excel

The language of finance is written in Excel and even though there are alternatives out there, if your finance department has a computer, chances are that they will have a version of Excel running on it. The popularity of Excel is due to its flexibility. A spreadsheet can be many things. A report, a data set, a model and even a prediction of the future.


VBA allows you to enhance Excel and other MS Office programs by allowing you to write code to enhance their functionality. This includes doing things like automating repetitive functions and create custom solutions with a rich set of tools provided by Microsoft.

MS Access

Probably the most underused application in the MS Office suite. MS Access is a desktop relational database. This means you can have a lot of the functionality of a RDMS like organising and querying large amounts of data. It provides great functionality for small to medium sized businesses to build solutions on.


A general purpose programming language that has many applications in the business world. Python has useful and mature libraries for solving problems like data processing, statistics, data visualisation and even building web applications. Python can even help you run prediction algorithms on your data and has visualisation tools to deep dive into your data.

Project Management

Although this is not a product, proper project management means understanding your requirement as early and as accurately as possible to deliver the best solution for your requirement. We have a proven methodology that has worked in the past that deals with all the steps to increase the likelihood of successful delivery.