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Intellisolve Case Study

Vodafone Business Case Analysis

Business Case Analysis at Vodafone

Before creating a business case, it is best to start out with the business objectives and what the plan is to measure these. Once the objectives are worked out, the business case can then be built around these. Intellisolve have a standard methodology of delivering business centric business cases, working out the customer objectives first so stakeholders will be focused on this throughout the process.

The Challenge

Vodafone was going through a major global infrastructure investment project. This involved multiple countries with multiple channels of investment which meant there was over a thousand business cases that needed to be appraised and the project required the ability to summarize these over different dimensions such as region, channel, country, etc.

The Solution

The solution was to standardize all the business cases and create a reporting cube that could be easily sliced and diced and shared over the programme.

The Result

Creating a single version of the truth meant there was consistency over the whole programme. Communication over the programme related to one data source where the data was validated and everyone agreed with. Intellisolve has a standard methodology for creating these golden sources of data which provides a well agreed upon data set in the shortest possible time.