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NHS Forms Reporting

Forms Reporting at the NHS

A forms application is a great solution for collecting data from multiple places and presenting reports to multiple users all from a web application. The application can be hosted either online or within your local network with great security in place making your data secure. Permissions on the application will ensure only the right people get access to the right information.

The Challenge

Replace a paper based data collection system with an online web application. In the existing system, paper based records were faxed to a central location for review and updated and gathered onto a master Excel spreadsheet. Due to the nature of the operation this process was error prone and users spent a lot of time validating data. Resources were spent on security due to the sensitive nature of the information such as locked rooms and secure lines of communication.

The Solution

The solution was a web application where the data was collected securely at source. It could then be validated at the point of entry guaranteeing only the highest quality data was captured. All past data was migrated into the application giving a historical view to users. All migrated data was tagged in the database to add security so it could be presented only on a need to know basis. A standard set of reports were made available to all users including customized reports when they were required.

The Result

A seamless process to gather, validate and report on data. Users we more confident with the data due to the validation processes put in place. The new online system meant that all resources used to maintain the paper based records were freed up. The turnaround time for creating new reports was much faster because of the proper organisation and centralisation of data. Proper data analysis meant that more insightful reporting could be carried out to the benefit of NHS local authorities.