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Intellisolve Case Study

NHS Automate Dataset Creation

Automate Data Set Creation at the NHS

Automating processes is an opportunity of making your organisation more efficient. Automation can save time and improve accuracy and allows you to take on more than you normally would have during a manual process. We have the technical expertise and experience automating data processes and reporting using popular frameworks such as Excel VBA and the Python programming language.

The Challenge

Automate a manual process which consolidated data from 3 different patient information systems. The final data set was according to national data set standards. The process would be automated from the extracting the data to creating the final data set.

The Solution

An automated process was set in place using the Excel macros. Reporting within the process for summary information as well as trend analysis for local reporting.


Data connections were created on Excel workbooks to run queries on the patient data systems. The queries were executed by running a VBA macro on the workbook.


The extracted data was copied onto a worksheet and this was then consolidated. If there were no proper formulas available, then macro formulas were used.

The Result