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Deutsche Bank Golden Sources

Golden Sources at Deutsche Bank

A single version of the truth is a business intelligence term which means reducing ambiguity about an organisations data by storing it in one place. A common problem in organisations is that silos of the same data start to emerge in different areas of the organisation which invariably start to contradict each other. Making sure all users of the same data draw from the same source is essential for users to have confidence in the data and minimize errors in reporting. Intellisolve has a standard methodology in creating these Golden Sources on data.

The Challenge

Create a Golden Source of data for employees within a major technology transformation project within Deutsche Bank. The transformation project had multiple work streams which affected different areas of the organisation structure. The golden source of employee data had to identify where the employees were on the organisation structure and what work streams affected them. This would be used for work stream baseline calculations to gauge the employees that fell under the scope of the workstream. The dataset had to be version controlled to reflect the changes made in the programme.

The Solution

Create one golden source of employee data that included all the necessary information required for the programme work streams. This was a group project that required input from all the managers of the work streams including the major functions within the organisation. Documentation was available on how all the information was derived and the sources of the data. Any conflicts of data had to be documented and presented to the right stakeholders.

The Result

The result was a data set that all stakeholders sanctioned and were confident with the data. This was in a format that could be easily shared and tagged with new information came up. Version controlling meant that any changes in the data set could be documented and shared. The employee dataset was an important feature in the overall program. Having a single version of the truth meant that program decisions could be taken with less overall friction.