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Intellisolve Case Study

Baxi Data Migration

Data Migration at Baxi

A well organised data migration project is similar to a data analysis project where it is documented well enough to be easily transferable and adaptable. If someone was picking it up in the future, they should be able to do so spending a minimum amount of time learning about the project and how it is structured. At Intellisolve, proper documentation is important. Each stage in the project is done with the necessary documentation as priority.

The Challenge

Migrate all historical data from SAP R3 to a new M3 ERP system for 4 main SAP modules. The complete data set had to be put into a format that could be easily uploaded to M3 ERP system in a standard format. For each module, data for closed and open items and header and detailed information had to be extracted and put into a standard format for upload.

The Solution

The project structure included raw data to the final dataset in the format required to upload into M3. Each of the transformations to the data was properly documented so the customer could tell the story of how the final dataset was derived. There were multiple sets of data which included the complete data set created in a format that could be queried for historical reasons as well as well as the formatted data set for upload.
All the queries were documented showing the data sets as well as the meaning of each field.

The Result

The complete processed and analysed data was presented on time and on budget with the required data sets to upload into the target system as well as the ability to query historical data without the need to revert to the source system. This meant a significant cost saving on maintenance.