Intellisolve is an Anaplan consultancy focused on building models with real commercial benefit.

We help you harness the awesome power of Anaplan to bring lasting improvements to planning and modelling in your organisation.

Can we help?

Having worked on a range of projects, our customers generally fall into the following types.

New Anaplan Implementations

  • Discuss ideas. The current processes, spreadsheets, databases and systems already in place and IF Anaplan is the right solution.
  • A good model foundation and long term thinking will give you the best chance for success and adoption over the business.

Fix Existing Implementations

  • Rescue or resurrect existing implementations which have not been properly adopted by the business.
  • Decide whether to build on top of an existing implementation or rebuild from scratch.

Automate Processes

  • Use the Anaplan API to automate processes. Minimize processing time and error.
  • Automate processes using Python and VBA scripting.

Customer Training

  • Set up a bespoke training plan to rapidly gain the skills and understanding to carry out your role. A good foundation makes you think like an Anaplanner and build according to best practices.

How are we different?

Focus on working with end users and rapidly building prototypes

  • This process tests an idea quickly so we can change direction if necessary.
  • Minimize risk with maximum end user involvement.

Focus on building a data solution

  • The project is seen as a data project rather than a purely Anaplan project. This way all the systems, processes, spreadsheets, etc involved are taken into consideration. Anaplan is simply a way of bringing these together in a useful manner.

Document while building

  • Helps with communication with the users. At any time during the build, a comprehensive set of documents will be available for the end users.

Available for small to mid sized Anaplan implementations. This is what we are good at and have the most impact and benefit for your organisation.

If you have a modelling idea or would like to discuss an implementation. Send us a message and one of our consultants will get in touch.